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Scimago Institutions Rankings - SIR World Report Edition of 2012

General information Results and analysis

Dades tècniques del rànquing

Nom: Scimago Institutions Rankings - SIR World Report
Pàgina web: http://www.scimagoir.com/
Descripció: This ranking classifies institutions that are directly associated with research. It ranks them using a composite indicator that combines a set of variables relating to three main areas: research, innovation and societal impact. Societal impact is measured by considering the visibility of institutions’ websites.

The 2023 edition is the third that SIR publishes results related to a large list of fields and subfields in addition to the institutional level.

In this edition, the UPC is the first university in Spain and in Ibero-America in Computer Science and in Mathematics.
Iniciativa: SCImago Research Group
Contacte: Elena Corera elena.corera@scimago.es
Abast territorial: World
Àmbits temàtics: research
Nombre d'institucions analitzades: 3290 com a màxim en alguna de les diferents variants
Nombre d'institucions classificades: 3290 com a màxim en alguna de les diferents variants
Periodicitat: annual
Nombre d'indicadors: 7 ( 100% indicadors quantitatius )


Primera edició: 2009
Darrera edició: 06/03/2023
Data previsible propera edició: 05/03/2024
Data font de les dades: 27/09/2012
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